My goal is your satisfaction

Zdeněk Bulička

Under the microscope

I’ve strengthened our company team to support further development of business mainly with German-speaking customers. Nevertheless, I’m common in communication in English as well.

I have many years of experience in creating and strengthening contacts with foreign customers. I come originally from the engineering industry and therefore I’m also familiar with the technical and manufacturing processes.

I highly appreciate the commitment of the entire team I am a member of. We are all together goal-orientated and, if necessary, willing to go the extra mile so that the customer satisfaction is met.

All this contributes to the continuous development of our company and we still have a lot to do to achieve our goals.

In my leisure time I do sports myself or with my four-legged friend. My partners are mainly bike and ski. I like running as well. Hiking and discovering the natural beauties still pull me somewhere in the unknown.

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