Wrapping paper with print – the protection and promotion in one

Wrapping paper

You can wrap anything

Wrapping paper supplied in sheets will use not only in selling of the usual range of goods, but thanks to variation with foil you can wrap the sausages, cheeses and other delicacies into them. In the production of packaging paper with foil is the most demanded making connection between 35 gram paper and 6 gram foil. Choice of weights just as the dimensions of the sheets fully depends on your preferences.

Printing for advertising

Protection of goods will instantly transform in your ad when you decide to decorate wrapping paper with your own logo and colours of your company. For contracts above 500 kg we perform printing by using flexography. However, custom printing, you can get it from one pack by screen printing.

Smaller amounts of wrapping paper in sheets without printing you can order now at our e-shop.

Do you want to combine protection and advertising? Let us produce yours wrapping paper with print!