We are the greatest producer in Czech market

We have already produced today
thousands of paperbags and boxes
We have already produced this month
millions of paperbags and boxes
Altogether we have produced for this year
millions of paperbags and boxes

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Paper shopping bags

Are elegant. Are organic. Are fixed.

Are your products already inside?

Paper bags

You never more getting upset with finding routes into the bowels of plastic bags. Paper bags are easily openable. Moreover are able to ventilate and save the planet.

Let your products breathe!

Cardboard boxes

With flaps, cutted or with the lid. Large, small and even smaller. With printing or without printing…
Simply cardboard boxes that will fit to your products as a glove on hand..

You can also get boxes according to your wishes.

Original prints changes your bags on a walking advertisement and the material will show that you think ecologically!