Cardboard boxes will fit to your products as a glove


Considering to the extent of your product we will prepare forms for a cardboard boxes which fit like glove. So would put in brief describe the progress of the custom production of cardboard packaging. First, however, you need to decide what kind of box will be the best for your products.

Basic types of cardboard packaging

  • Flap boxesWe will design exactly to your products.
    We produce even small series.
  • Shaped cutoutsIn addition to the cardboard cutouts we make even the paper variant.
    Choose from a wide catalog Fefco shape which suits your needs the best.
  • Boxes with lidSystem bottom and lid.
    The boxes are delivered in kit form.
  • Internal equipment boxesThe biggest concern is the production of meshes or dunnage of corrugated or smooth cardboard.
    However, we can produce any kind of internal equipment exactly according to your needs.


Do you need boxes printed with information about your products, shipping information, or want to have a barcode and your logo on them? For contracts exceeding 300 m2 we will perform two-colour printing of your cartons.

Price list

Prices of cardboard packaging are established individually. It depends on the size of the box, the material used and the quantity which is consumed.

Are you looking for just a few pieces of cardboard boxes which should be on pizza or wine? In our e-shop you can buy them right now.

Do you want cardboard boxes that fit your products as a glove?