Paper bags let breath your goods and our planet

Paper bags

What will your customers carry away in bags?

  • pastries
  • fruits and vegetables
  • hot dog or hamburger
  • in carrier bags the whole purchase
  • … the imagination has no limits

In most cases we produce paper bags to order exactly according to the wishes of clients

The most requested types

You can make a more specific idea of the richness of the portfolio, we bring you an overview of the most popular types.

Range of paper bags and their variations, that we can produce for you, of course, is far broader. Do you need with side fold? Do you need to have open bags for a kebab? Do you like the window in the bags? You will get them. We’ll do our best to meet your specific wishes. Contact us and together we can discuss about your ideas.


Dimensional range of paper bags, which we produce, is so broad that we can satisfy the requirements of the vast majority of companies. Please feel free to contact us with your demand.

Do you want to save? If you do not take the exact dimensions that you originally imagined for their goods, we can help with your budget. We can offer you standardised sizes of paper bags, for which we already have a production-ready forms. Details about these bags, you always find in their specific species.


When the function of the paper bags you will enrich with the original look, you will strengthen reputation of your brand. About design interesting for your customers will take care the graphic studio, with what we cooperate for long time. Own print can decorate your bags for the orders from 50 000 pieces. Contact us and your bags will be the best on the market.

And how is it with the colours? We exclusively use water-based paints, which are as well as any other materials intended for contact with food. We print with flexo method with the use of up to 4 spot colours on your bags, put the exact shades that you chose from the Pantone swatches.

Minimum consumption and size of packaging

The minimum amount of subscription and details of the packaging sizes for each product is different. For information for wholesale customer, please visit the website of the specific paper bags.

But we are here for you, even if you don’t need the entire truck full of paper packages. Take advantage of unique opportunities to buy in small quantities directly from the producer. Omit one step with traffickers and you will save. Make sure in our e-shop.

Quality and Ecology

We produce for you a quantity of various packaging materials, but the quality for us is on the main track. Perfection, strength and appearance – on these three qualitative factors when interim controls we focus most.

We’re really serious with ecology. We use recycled materials and waste of our paper production is easily degradable. Of course, to handle all waste environmentally is not possible. But at least we are trying to minimise the negative impacts on the environment. We care about the environment, what will we leave to our followers after themselves. By offering to your customers the ecological packaging, you will show you think about ecology as well as we do.

Did you resolve to give green for ecology? Contact us!