Wish to others and they'll wish to you

Lenka Kuchařová

Under the microscope

I make last link in the chain that starts with (demand) and end (delivery) of the client. I’m responsible for the national expedition. And because I like everything that relates to the business, company management also instructed me with administration of the e-shopu. Besides, I still ensure complete production preparation.

I appreciate the fact that I represent a company that takes an ecological approach to our planet. A funny anecdote from Litobal? A colleague showed me creative testing of carrying capacity of our shopping bags in practice. He picked up in one his five-year son. The boy was delighted and the bag mastered the burden. Little boy was thrilled and bag passed the test.

From mine positive traits, I would highlighted the flexibility and friendliness. Thats why is my life known motto wish to others and they’ll wish to you.. My spare time is devoted to the family, which I like to pull out into the countryside, with the taste of I read a good book, and I am also a passionate Hockey fan.

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