I've always had a weakness for industrial machines

Jan Dancinger

Under the microscope

My Kingdom is a world of bags. I handle the ordering of this commodity, setting production for operators and also I administrate shipment. In addition, I make sure about perfect technical condition of our production machines. I do everything to make the machines spewed your bags on the one hundred and six and in 100% quality.

This work I revel, among other things, also for the reason that I always liked machinery. Now I can admire machines every day. I appreciate the fact that I work for a company that i continually evolving and I can be part of a gradual ascent.

Previously, I was cocky, but today I’m perfect. And now seriously: I don’t have a character trait, with whom I would want to brag. Friends of me, however appreciated because I am for each fun. Over the summer we have fun together in football. In the winter I’ll change cleats for skis or snowboard, and keep myself fit in the gym.