I live by the motto Carpe diem

Bc. Milena Malenová

Under the microscope

During the working time, I have to handle quite a lot. On my shoulders lies complete HR, I solve employment contracts and wages. Furthermore I am responsible for invoicing and cash. But as an Assistant to the Manager I also manage more really broad spectrum of activities which begin with the communication with authorities and end up with apparent trifles, that may seem ordering toilet paper for example. Absolute stereotype would kill me. That is why this work is interesting for me – every day I do a little something different.

My two main characteristics of the me in today’s society sometimes causes a problem. I’m honest and truthful. And under all circumstances. I hate the hypocrisy, and actually, I really can’t do it. Due to the fact that I have significantly developed the ability of empathy, I find myself often in the role of the confessional willow.

Free time I dedicate to the study of traditional Chinese medicine. I like ride bike or go to the squash. When I have the opportunity, I go with a taste for a festival or for the concert. My life enrich also sea, sand, sunshine or mycological excursions into the forest.